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Trifari Jelly Belly Sterling Vermeil Angelfish Fur Clip

NWS 8-1352

~ Another famous fur clip from Trifari! The origin of "Jelly Belly" jewelry lies in the historical archives of Trifari. During World War II, Trifari converted some of their factories to produce Lucite windshields and turrets for US fighter planes. These windshields had to be flawless, so any large Plexiglas sheets that were even lightly marred were thrown on a scrap heap, deemed unusable for the Air Force. Trifari's most famous jewelry designer, Alfred Philippe, looked at the growing stack of discarded plexiglass and had a stroke of genius. He had the company jewelers cut up the Lucite windshields into small cabochons, fitted them into some whimsical jewelry designs, and voila!... Jelly Bellies were born!

~ Also, during World War II, costume jewelry designers were obliged to use sterling silver for their jewelry, as all other metals had been restricted for the war effort. This graceful angelfish has been plated with a soft gold vermeil.

~ The fins and tail of the angelfish have bands of rhodium plated metal. Into this brilliant, platinum like background are set dozens of faceted, faux diamonds.

~ The eye of the angelfish is a faux ruby cabochon.

~ This famous fish measures 3.5" high and 2.5" wide.

~ Signed on the reverse "Trifari", with the crown logo above the "T", and "STERLING" and "Des. Pat. No. 135177" (patent shown above).

c. 1943, in excellent condition, with almost no wear to the vermeil, a famous piece!

Research: Featured in the book, American Costume Jewelry, by Brunialti & Brunialti, p. 151-152. A Tribute to America, p. 122, shows advertisement in "Women's Wear Daily" dated September 3, 1943. Fun Jewelry, by N. Schiffer, p. 18.

Price = $625.00 q-z 3, b4

Who was Trifari?

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