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Trifari Sterling Vermeil Jelly Belly Penguin Brooch

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NWS 7-1508

~ This adorable Jelly Belly Penguin Brooch was created by Trifari's most famous designer, Alfred Philippe. As you can see, the design patent was filed in February 3, 1943, and granted on March 9 of the same year.

~ During World War II, costume jewelry designers were obliged to use sterling silver for their jewelry, as all other metals had been restricted for use in the war effort. This penguin brooch is made of solid sterling silver, plated with gold vermeil.

~ Dozens of faceted, faux diamonds have been pavé set on the edges of her wings and body, with a single, faux diamond above each foot. Her head is paved with more clear crystals, and her eye is depicted with a faux ruby cabochon. These areas that contain the crystals have been thickly plated with rhodium metal, making the stones gleam with a brilliance resembling diamonds in platinum!  Philippe was a master designer whose attention to such details is what made him famous, and his jewelry is in great demand (before coming to Trifari, Philippe designed jewelry for Cartier in Paris).

~ The penguin measures 2.25" high and 1.35" wide.

~ On the reverse is the Trifari name stamped into the metal, with the crown logo above the "T". Also marked "STERLING" and "Des.Pat.No.135189".

c. 1943, in excellent vintage condition.

Research: Twentieth Century Costume Jewellery, by Angie Gordon, p. 119 (value shown $1,500 - $2,000); American Costume Jewelry, by Brunialti & Brunialti, p. 151 & 152; Fun Jewelry, by Nancy Schiffer, p. 155; frankly, this piece is so famous, I could go on forever listing the books it appears in, but you get the point.

Price = $445.00Sold Thank You

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